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New training center at the Technical University of Munich

Germany, Munich, 25-10-2021

In October 2021 the time had finally come: the gymnastics training center of the Technical University (TU) in Munich was completed. SPIETH Gymnastics is very happy to have implemented this project and wishes all students good luck with their training.

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Rebuild of National Training Center at Wingate Institute

Israel, Wingate, 05-07-2021

The „Wingate Institute of Physical Education and Sport” is a big Sportscampus, which was built in 1957 for high level sports as well as for recreational sports. Besides the operation of training and medical facilities for plenty of olympic sports disciplines, Wingate educates staff for high level sports, like coaches and physios.

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Improved Gym in Melbourne

Australia, Melbourne, 01-04-2021

Already in March 2017 the first gym in Epping a northern suburb of Melbourne was built. It is called Pulse Gymnastics. A gym hall full of SPIETH equipment of some 500 square metres installed by our Australian dealer AMCO gymnastics. They started with just over 200 children attending their classes.

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Sports centre in Dornbirn

Austria, Dornbirn, 19-12-2019

In Dornbirn (Austria) a new sports complex for different sports has been built in an exhibition center. SPIETH Gymnastics helped to transform exhibition Hall 5 into a sports centre, which is mainly intended for apparatus gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics and TeamGym. Badminton can also be trained on 6 fields in Hall 5 in a separate area.

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Gymnastics training center in Uetendorf

Switzerland, Uetendorf, 04-09-2019

A training hall for junior gymnasts has been built in Uetendorf, Switzerland. The old warehouse has been redesigned so that the younger athletes now can train on the first floor at about 790 sqm.

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Gymnastics Trainingcenter next to Prague Castle

Czech Republic, Prague, 17-03-2019

In close vicinity, next to Prague Castle, a training center for and Artistics Gymnastics and TeamGym was created.

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