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Artistic Gymnastics

316 items in Artistic Gymnastics

Magnesia Cream - 250 ml

Characterised by its consistency

  • Thicker than conventional liquid magnesia
  • Ensures even distribution
  • Ensures a perfect grip on the hands
  • Available in 2 sizes

Available within 5 business days


Magnesia Nuggets

Storage bucket for the gym

  • Crunchy Magnesia
  • Limits the dust in the air
  • Handy in a 5 kg bucket

Available within 5 business days


Run-up track SPIETHway, 10x1 m - used

10 meter run-up track at tumbling track height, 1 meter wide

  • Wooden elements 100x200 cm
  • With sprung floor track
  • Part of SPIETHway floor

Available within 3-6 weeks

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TD-Tensioning Measuring Device

Prevention of too low or too high tensioning of tensioned apparatuses

  • Per tensioned SPIETH gymnastic apparatus is one tensioning measuring device necessary
  • With digital display
  • FIG-certified

Available within 3-6 weeks


Transport trolley floor mats

Suitable for the vertical transport of 1 floor track 14-20 m

  • Easy to load
  • Speedy transport of a number of floor tracks
  • For transport to and from your storage space
  • Vertical storage of the mat extends the lifespan

Available within 3-6 weeks

Transport trolley 18 sections

For vertical transport of 15 floor elements

  • For a complete tumbling track "Moskau"
  • Vertical storage for long life
  • Large wheels for safe movement
  • Extends the working life of your floor
  • With extra storage space for Velcro, etc.

Available within 3-6 weeks

Mat trolley horizontal, 200x100 cm

Very smooth-running reinforced storage trolley
  • Sturdy, multi-ply glued bottom with rounded corners
  • High-quality wheels with bearings
  • No stripes on the floor
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Impact-resistant painted and reinforced frame

Availabe within 1-2 weeks

Airmat 'Impulse incline'

Aids comfortable training for jumps, floor exercises, uneven bars and parallel bars

  • Can be inflated in a few seconds, with adjustable pressure level
  • To be used with arms and legs
  • Easier on joints, so you can practise more often
  • The lines make it clear to both gymnast and trainer where correction is needed
  • For beginners and top gymnasts

Available within 3-6 weeks

Airtrack Superior III, 10 m, 20 cm

Measures 10x2x0.2 m. Inflated in less than 2 minutes and connectable

  • 100% flat and virtually airtight and silent
  • Inflated in less than 2 minutes and maintains pressure for long periods
  • Lower weight, connectable and equipped with handles
  • Very good rebound!
  • Includes transport cover, instructions and repair kit

Available within 3-6 weeks