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Uneven bars

27 items in Uneven bars

Uneven bars rail "Club" - Fiberflex

Replacement rail for apparatuses of the "Club"-series

  • New, hard-wearing natural fiber veneer
  • Provides great grip
  • Preparation time for rails is on average shorter
  • Less magnesia is necessary

Available within 5 business days


Rail for uneven bars 'Club' - Carboflex

Rail for uneven bars, fibreglass with tensioning head

  • Fibreglass rail with beech Veneer
  • Can also be used with horizontal bar supports (1384080)

Available within 5 business days

Separate horizontal bar 'Club'

Replacement horizontal bar for 'Club' horizontal bar and the new 'Club' uneven bars

  • Can also be used with horizontal bar supports (1384080)
  • Replace at least once ever 3 years

Availabe within 1-2 weeks

Tensioning for uneven bars 'Club'

Separate tensioning for uneven bars 'Club' (code 1383128)

  • Tensioining with quick tensioners
  • Converts freestanding uneven bars into tensioned bars

Available within 5 business days

Methodical horizontal bar

Simple to adjust training horizontal bar
  • Specially for training(halls) - no cables
  • Very quickly adjustable in height
  • Also suitable for a rail of the horizontal bars
  • Takes little space
  • Suitable for methodical exercises

Available within 5 business days

Horizontal bar supports

Pair of supports for horizontal bar or asymmetric bars 40 cm high
  • With quick fastener
  • Very stable foot
  • Full PU cover
  • Easy to move around
  • For use anywhere in the gym

Available within 5 business days

Safety Cushion U-shaped

For high bar, parallel bars and uneven bars

  • With a handle for quick and easy slide in and out
  • Easy to attach with Velcro

Available within 3-6 weeks


Safety cushion roll

Protects the gymnast against too much impact
  • Soft foam
  • Washable
  • Velcro fastening

Availabe within 1-2 weeks

Coaching platform

For uneven bars and horizontal bar
  • Is not attached to the equipment and does not influence the characteristics
  • Folds up automatically out of the way
  • Platform adjustable in height with non-slip surface
  • Stairs can be fitted on 3 sides
  • Sturdy floor anchoring and also for use above a landing pit

Available within 5 business days