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Balance Beam

The balance beam (short: beam) is an Olympic discipline in women's gymnastics. SPIETH offers fig-certified, easily height-adjustable balance beams with soft-top cladding for competitions and gyms, or exercise beams for training at home. In addition to the basic assortment, you will also find many exercise equipment for safe and fast learning of the right techniques.

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Competition balance beam 'Soft Touch'

Soft landing thanks to unique 'Soft Touch' technology. The best of 2 worlds: excellent shock absorption and outstanding stability

  • Stability for pirouettes, jumps and acrobatic elements
  • Considerably lower impact on the joints with the 'Soft Touch' landing
  • Excellent grip thanks to hygroscopic Paraskin cover
  • The beam looks wider, boosting confidence during exercises
  • Soft end caps

Availabe within 1-2 weeks

Anti-Virus PVC-Cover Balance Beam

White cover made of PVC

  • Supports your hygiene actions in the gym
  • Protective anti-virus cover
  • Brand new technology with integrated silver particles
  • Reduces the transmission of viruses

Available within 3-4 weeks


PVC-Cover Balance Beam

Blue cover made of PVC

  • Dust cover
  • Offers protection during transport and storage

Available within 3-4 weeks


Mat set "Moscow" Balancing Beam

Competition set, balancing beam, 1800x400x20 cm
  • New development in sandwich construction, additional edge stabilization and durable needle felt surface
  • The handy grips also provide necessary air circulation thus ensuring optimal damping during landings
  • Special latticed polyester material between the different foam layers to provide longer durability
  • Sewed-on Velcro strips at all sides
  • Mats can be linked in all directions

Available within 3-4 weeks

Padding for 'Soft Touch' competition beam, per foot

Padding for competition beam 'Soft Touch', per foot

  • FIG approved padding
  • Preshaped foam
  • Soft felt exterior layer
  • Easily fitted

Available within 3-4 weeks


Training safety padding

Padding for competition balance beam, per paire

  • Easily fitted
  • Preshaped foam
  • Soft felt exterior layer
  • In accordance with the latest FIG guidelines

Availabe within 1-2 weeks

Transport trolley

For handball goals, balance beams, etc.

  • Can be used for multiple apparatuses
  • Non-marking double ball-bearing swivel wheels
  • Impact-resistant epoxy varnish
  • No sharp edges

Available within 5 business days

MultiMat Spieth

Ideal for Balance beam and Parallel bars

  • Soft stretch cover: soft feeling and provides good grip for landings
  • Excellent soft foam with a high shock absorption level
  • Anti-slip bottom for good positioning
  • Adapts easily to the apparatus on which it is positioned
  • Also suitable for many other methodical exercises

Available within 3-4 weeks

Repair cover "Barcelona"

Practical alternative to extend the use of your existing balance beam

  • The lifespan of the balance beam "Barcelona" will be extended
  • To cover up smaller damages in the upholstery
  • Easy to put on

Available within 3-4 weeks