Our Philosophy

Safety in Gymnastics!
SPIETH considers itself responsible for the safety of the athletes that use its equipment, with its standards far exceeding those demanded by the leading authority on gymnastics equipment (FIG). FIG has thus approved the use of SPIETH products for many international competitions.


A dynamic and driving force for gymnastics!
The potential for creative development and performance improvement in gymnastics depends directly on technical progress in the construction of equipment. SPIETH and REUTHER rank among the leading names driving the field forward, having invented initial tension in gymnastic equipment. A pre-tensioned design supports a gymnast's motion sequences, ensuring greater levels of safety.

These days, people across the globe do gymnastics on SPIETH apparatuses that were developed originally by REUTHER. Applications include competition equipment for international events and for schools and sports clubs. SPIETH’s products cover artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling and aerobics.

Experts associate the following essential quality criteria with SPIETH gymnastic equipment:  

  • Effort-saving thanks to motion-supporting construction concepts
  • Safety through selection and use of the best materials 
  • Dynamics assured by coordinating all relevant parameters
  • Premium standards thanks to continual monitoring of processes and materials

For many years, SPIETH has been a specialist in the equipment of training centres, supporting those involved with its experience, from planning up to realization.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact us – we will gladly assist you! We look forward to providing you with obligation-free advice!

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