Gymnastics without mats is unimaginable, they are involved in every apparatus and are an essential part of safety in gymnastics. Mats are very versatile and different kinds for different purposes are available. SPIETH mats are known for their special sandwich construction which is elucidated below.

Standard Mats
FIG certified. ORIGINAL REUTHER. In sandwich construction with foam of different density and additional edge stabilization. The cover is made of textile-reinforced PVC material with anti-slip bottom and additional ventilation cut-outs that can be also used as carrying handles. Carpeting with durable velour. The mats are equipped with Velcro fasteners at all sides to have a complete landing surface of several mats fixed together, thus avoiding the joint clearance and reducing the injury risk. All 20 cm mats as well as 10 cm mats for pommel horse are FIG certified.

Landing Mats
Soft landing mat in PVC cover with zipper fastener. Available in height of 10 cm in accordance with the new FIG regulations and in height of 5 cm as a training mat.
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