Judo is a modern martial art, which was invented in Japan. Since the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo it is an Olympic Sport as well.

With the existing knowledge of different floor constructions already available in the SPIETH product portfolio, the company started to create substructures for Judo. Bringing in the expertise of our technicians this wooden substructure was developed.

This under construction must be covered with tatami mat or corresponding layer.

  • Ergotop 75 (ca. 75 mm overall height)
  • The absorbing construction is 60 mm high.
  • The force reduction measured between the elements without judo mat corresponds to 79% and fulfills the requirements of DIN 18 032 Part 2 (Resolution 1999).
  • The plates of the under construction are flexibly bound with each other.
  • Installation is to be performed by our technical specialists. Meanwhile additional assistance can be provided from the side of sport club or federation.

Characteristics of SPIETH under construction for judo:

  • good step und accession security
  • good shock absorption
  • the same elasticity around the whole surface
  • very limited subsidence (important by foot techniques)
  • no vibration / oscillation, which disturb judokas and/or the coach
  • silent
  • no impact on other athletes training on the same mat
  • the switch to competition conditions should not cause any difficulty
  • easy to take care and to store
  • also ideal for beginners, as throws and breakfalls are much softer
  • the danger of damage for the athletes is much lower and there is no need for changes of special techniques and training methods
  • the frequency of trainings and throws can be quite high due to a good force absorption.