Invented by SPIETH

The company was founded in 1948 by Rudolph Spieth. Richard Reuther, gymnasts and designer, developed the principle of initial tension in the 50s, creating the industry standard for modern gymnastic equipment. With its motion-supporting and forgiving design, he and Rudolph Spieth together revolutionized the manufacture of gymnastic equipment and thus created an trademark: Original Reuther.

Innovations by SPIETH have been fostering development in artistic gymnastics for decades. The following is just a selection of our market-leading innovations:

  • 1953: Elastic springboards
  • 1960: Double swing floor
  • 1965: Tensioned uneven bars
  • 1967: Rail for parallel bars with 3 fibreglass inserts
  • 1974: Balance beam made of aluminium
  • 1974: Double tensioning for horizontal bars / still rings
  • 1975: Mats with sandwich construction
  • 1983: Two-parts elastic vaulting horse
  • 1988: Break-proof bars
  • 1993: Elastic Rhythmic gymnastics floor
  • 1994: „Just for Kids“-Gymnastics
  • 2000: Vaulting table, as replacement of the vaulting horse
  • 2007: Aerobic floor
  • 2009: Freestanding Uneven Bars
  • 2013: First Swing floor with steel springs
  • 2013: „Just for Kids“-product series is expanded