Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnastic sports represent aesthetics, power, dynamics, mobility and precision. The movements appear simply and elegantly when executed with optimal technique. Only if the combination of power, technique, speed and mobility is optimally matched a first-class performance is possible.

The same is valid for the construction of gymnastic apparatus. For many decades SPIETH  constantly works on the development of gymnastic apparatuses to provide athletes with the optimal conditions to reach the highest performance level. Seemingly small details often make a big difference.

Therefore it is extremely important that we have a team of experts and at the same time are working with specialists who know gymnastics and the technical peculiarities of this sport. That is the way how the development of the apparatus can be matched to requirements of the athletes. That is why SPIETH with its 50 years of experience gained from competition and close cooperation with trainers and athletes sets the highest quality standards worldwide.

Enjoy this fantastic video of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB)